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Author Ruth Culham and the Traits of Writing
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We help teachers and students reach their writing goals in classrooms across the US and the world.  We’d like to help you, too.

Get to know us from our website which is designed to be enjoyable and informative—with lots of goodies for you to download and use right away. Mentor texts, the traits, and writing workshops, using materials published by Scholastic and Stenhouse, are our specialties because they are transforming the way writing is taught.

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Our Mission

We’re a dedicated and experienced team of educators who know how to teach writing using the traits of writing model, inside and out.  We’ve been working with the traits as an assessment model and as a powerful instructional tool since the beginning—over 30 years now.  This says a lot about the efficacy of the model—30 years is a long time for an educational initiative to survive and thrive.  We’d love to show you why it works so well for writers at every age..

In the mid 1980's, a forward thinking and experienced group of teachers examined stacks and stacks of student papers with a common purpose. They wanted to identify the core qualities of great writing and describe the skills required to achieve excellence.

As the national and international leaders in this ever-evolving process, we have worked hard to advance and refine the work, developing the 6 + 1 Traits of Writing over time – a shared language that demystifies great writing and provides an excellent foundation for teaching writing and assessing student progress.

Our partnership with Scholastic Inc. provides unique opportunities to publish a complete line of trait-based materials designed especially to suit the needs of teachers working with students to improve writing performance.

Who We Are


You never know what's brewing next with Ruth Culham. She's either on a plane traveling to present her latest thinking about how to use the six-trait model for assessment and instruction, or at home creating new Scholastic resources for K-8 writing teachers.

Ruth spent 19 years in the classroom, the highlight of which was being named Author Ruth CulhamMontana's English/Language Arts teacher of the year. She worked as Unit Manager for the Assessment Program at Education Northwest. She finished her doctorate. She wrote her first book: 6+1 Traits of Writing: The Complete Guide for Grades 3 and Up. And the rest is history.

But there is always more - in her heart and on her mind. Her connections to teachers and students keep the work fresh. Her home office keeps her comfortable. Her friends keep her in wine. Her cats keep her company. Life is pretty good. Click here to read more about Ruth. Email Ruth Culham.


As a former classroom teacher and recently retired Literacy Coach in the Brighton School District in Rochester, NY, Libby is Ruth's right-hand-trainer and soure of inspiration.

Currently, she specializes in training and coaching classroom teachers on teaching writing using the Writing Traits. Throughout the past 14 years, she's presented to, and trained, teachers both nationally and internationally.

She knows books, she knows kids, she knows teachers, and she likes to put her knowledge of all three together in her workshops and presentations. Click here to read more about Libby. Email Libby Jachles.


If it weren't for Office Manager Judy, the cats would be in charge and chaos would reign. We thank our lucky stars for Judy! Email Judy Hood.

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